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What ‘Beat’ Means

These sites are all about beating conditions that weigh heavily on people and often ruin and restrict lives unless they are well dealt with. We want people to beat things but need to clarify what we mean by ‘beat’

Beat doesn’t necessarily mean eliminate or abolish in all cases. For example people with bipolar depression rarely remove the condition, it is often life-long as with other conditions like chronic schizophrenia. They can however live a life with successful management of the condition and still enjoy the range of activities that constitute a healthy life. In this way the ‘beat’ the bipolar but not allowing it to take center-stage and become a victim of the condition, to not allow the condition to destroy relationships, families, dreams and the ability to love and be loved.

There are other conditions like alcohol addiction, gambling and cigarette addiction that definitely can be beat, numerous people have overcome these and have beaten them. Most people who do regularly still need to work on their recovery to ensure relapse doesn’t occur.

So, ‘beating’ is an active verb, a doing word that keeps on doing and going. Recovery is an active process, a journey and a really enjoying one when things turn for the better.

We genuinely want people to beat conditions and in turn inspire others to do the same.

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