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I went to a local physiotherapist. He have performed few spinal adjustments and instructed me a few stretches to do. A few weeks passed without any improvement, only in the very short-term. By short-term I mean slight temporary relief from pain, like taking Panadol for a headache. I was getting very fed up with the physiotherapy route and so decided to explore what I thought was the ‘conventional’ doctor avenue.

The first stop was my local GP. She referred me to a hospital for nerve conduction studies (testing for Carpal Tunnel Syndrome). These came back all in the clear. Then another referral to Physical Rehabilitation Specialist. He performed a few simple tests to determine if any nerve damage or something sinister was at play – no signs of nerve damage or any spinal cord complications. His assessment was that weak thoracic-scapula area was causing my muscles to overload. He was at a loss to explain some of my neurological (nerve) symptoms. He referred me to a physiotherapist and recommended massage therapy.

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