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My first encounter with RSI was in July 2002. I was working about 9 hours a day on the computer and practicing piano 3-4 hours per night for about six months. One day at work I developed a strong, diffuse ache in my right hand and was unable to type without severe pain. I stopped work for 2 weeks. The injury healed fairly quickly, I remember quite a severe burning sensation in the hand whilst recovering.

An occupational therapist then reviewed my desktop and assessed my injury. He diagnosed it a Repetitive Strain Injury but not a serious one. He said it more of a case of hand fatigue than anything else. He made some slight modifications to the desktop and I resumed work promptly.  He also recommended more physical exercise to build up strength around the shoulders. I did begin this but only continued for a couple of weeks before stopping. He also recommended that I cut down or stop piano; however I firmly resisted this idea and like most under-25 year olds thought my bodies infinite ability to regenerate would always save my poor use.

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