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How I Beat RSI Part 1 | The Physical Component

In this video Justin describes some of the mechanical processes behind overuse injuries and describes some of the symptoms and talks about his recovery and how he beat RSI


Some Nice You Tube Feedback

  • great video… at least some one has beat it! is part 2 available?

    Heyy man, just thought i’d say thaks for the video.

    brackishnz 10 months ago
  • My mouse clicking finger is completely shot. I’m a cartographer and I’m constantly clicking and dragging maps all day, every day.

    I’d describe it as a very numb pain that causes a feeling of weakness in the finger.

    The most annoying thing is that none of my co-workers suffer from it so they think I’m being a pussy.

    vidmanx0 1 year ago
  • A very informative video, I’ve been getting incredibly irritated by the number of people who are simply not aware of any form of RSI other tan carpal tunnel,as I suffer tendinitis myself. Anyhow, I’m looking forward to part two. :)

    TheTranced 1 year ago
  • Looking forward to episode two!

    swiftbirder 1 year ago
  • nice video. 5/5

    Agravain3 1 year ago
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Justin Bennett is the senior writer across the How I Beat sites. With six years experience in mental health encompassing work in homeless shelters, psychiatric hospitals and disability employment services and graduate diplomas in counselling and journalism he is passionate about helping others overcome and beat their conditions.

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