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How Ailsa beat RSI

This story was written in January 2004, and was sent to a rapid recovery news-group. It has been updated in June 2006. My name is Ailsa and I am currently 42. Since my pregnancy in 1995-6 I developed pain in my body that eventually reached a point where almost all the activities in life I loved were no longer available, and trying to get well became an obsession. The critical symptoms were an upper leg that ...

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How Carolyn beat RSI

Hi everyone, I've been feeling great for a long time but I told myself that I would wait until Christmas to post (just to make sure it was long lasting relief). Here is my story and I made it detailed for the benefit of others with RSI type pain: I started a new job in August '06 and it was a big change for me. It was my fist office job and it was very stressful. I put a lot of pressure on myself to do well ...

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How Sam beat RSI

I originally thought I would wait until my symptoms were completely gone to write about the progress I've made lately, but then thought that's being a little too perfectionist - also I can honestly say I don't fear TMS any more - I'm not concerned that I'm crowing about success now and somehow TMS will rise out of the ashes or anything. If it did I could deal with it. Here's a timeline to put things in pers ...

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How Rachel Beat RSI

I had RSI for about a year and a half. By random luck, a stranger (actually, two of them) referred me to The Mindbody Prescription by John Sarno. This was September 1999. I had chronic arm pain, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. I treated my arms like they were made of fragile glass, I didn't type at all (I used voice recognition software to do most of my work). I saw myself in the book, but I was afraid -- af ...

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How Justin Beat RSI

My first encounter with RSI was in July 2002. I was working about 9 hours a day on the computer and practicing piano 3-4 hours per night for about six months. One day at work I developed a strong, diffuse ache in my right hand and was unable to type without severe pain. I stopped work for 2 weeks. The injury healed fairly quickly, I remember quite a severe burning sensation in the hand whilst recovering. An ...

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How James beat RSI

My name is James and I am a 40-year-old IT worker in Birmingham, UK. This is my personal story of how RSI took hold of my life, ended my job, but through a lot of pain, effort and learning, I'm now completely free of it. First of all some important things to say: 1. I'm not a doctor or physiotherapist and have no medical training. Don't take my word for anything medical. Get professional medical advice – th ...

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How I Beat RSI Part 1 | The Physical Component

In this video Justin describes some of the mechanical processes behind overuse injuries and describes some of the symptoms and talks about his recovery and how he beat RSI [] Some Nice You Tube Feedback great video... at least some one has beat it! is part 2 available? Heyy man, just thought i'd say thaks for the video. brackishnz 10 months ago My mouse clicking f ...

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