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White Collar Workers and RSI

White-collar workers Article submitted by Atrium Legal Services, specialising in workers compensation, including RSI and overuse injuries.  There are thousands of  injuries and illnesses caused by work every day. Typically this is perceived to mainly be in industrial jobs and illness such as asbestosis and injuries from heavy machinery. You maybe surprised to hear that office workers are just as much at ris ...

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How to cure TMS (Tension Myositis Syndrome)

Just to refresh, in many cases RSI symptoms are part of a phenomenon called TMS. This discovery has led many people into amazing realisations and recovery from deep chronic conditions. Read on: 1) Acceptance: First you need to accept that there is a mind-body root to your condition, and that as a result the pain is not symptomatic of structural damage.  This on its own is the biggest hurdle to overcome as i ...

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What is TMS (Tension Myositis Syndrome) and how knowing about it helps beat RSI

INFORMATION TO REPRODUCE KINDLY PERMITTED BY  RSI BACKPAIN UK TMS is based on the theory that a whole host of chronic pain conditions can have a mind-body rather than physical root, and that they  need to be understood in terms of the whole mind-body system.  Mind body techniques therefore offer the potential for significant pain reduction and even cure.   Recent research has shown that stress (either consc ...

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